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Preferensi Petani Brebes terhadap Klon Unggulan Bawang Merah Hasil Penelitian
Basuki, R.S
Balai Penelitian Tanaman Sayuran
[Tahun Terbit : 2009]

Basuki, R.S. 2009. Farmers's Preferences in Brebes to Shallots Promising Clones Generated from IVEGRI. The objective of the research was to understand farmer's preferences to promising shallots clones created by the Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute (IVEGRI). Research was conducted in Slatri, Brebes, from June to August 2003. A combination of field experiment and farmer's participatory was used in the research. The field experiment was used as an observation plot for 20 farmer participants. The field experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with 3 replications. The treatments consisted of 9 promising shallots clones and a local variety of Bima Brebes as control. Data from farmer participatory research were collected from farmer's written answers on the questionnaire distributed by researchers. Results showed that agronomically the yield and tuber size of the promising clones, except clone No.9, were not significantly higher or bigger than that of local variety of Bima Brebes. Among the promising clones, only clone No.8 has the potential to be adopted by farmers because farmers was in favor with the growth and tuber quality of the clone. In order to increase the potential adoption of clone No.9 improvement of the tuber color from pale red to red is needed. Farmers and breeder preferences to the promising clones were significant difference, due to the different criteria used in evaluating the clones. Research on farmers preference should be integrated into the research on creating a new variety to increase the potential adoption of the new variety after released.


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