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Pertumbuhan serta Hasil Tanaman Kubis Putih dengan Aplikasi Pupuk NPK 15-15-15 dan Pupuk Pelengkap Benih Nutrifarm SD di Dataran Tinggi Lembang
Sumiati, E.
Balai Penelitian Tanaman Sayuran, Puslitbang Hortikultura
[Tahun Terbit : 2006]

Sumiati, E. 2006. Growth and yield of white cabbage treated with NPK 15-15-15 and seed fertilizer nutrifarm SD application in high altitude Lembang. Growth and yield of cabbage could be improved by application of seed fertilizer nutrifarm SD in the nursery combined with application of proper dosage of NPK 15-1515 in the field. The goal of this experiment was to find out the proper dosage of nutrifarm SD in combination with NPK 15-15-15 to improve the growth and yield of cabbage variety of Green Coronet. A split plot design with three replications was set up in the field. The main plot was NPK 15-15-15, comprised of two level dosages, viz. 0.5 t/ha and 1.0 t/ha. The subplot was application of nutrifarm SD seed fertilizer, comprised of 5 levels, viz. 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 g/kg seed. The nutrifarm SD was mixed with cabbage seed and germinated in the nursery. NPK 15-15-15 was applied in the field twice, viz. half dosage at planting time and the rest was given at 4 weeks after planting. Cabbage plants were cultivated by using black silver plastic mulch. Research results revealed that there were no phytotoxic ity, chlorosis, and other abnormalities symptoms appeared on cabbage plants treated with nutrifarm SD of 3-12 g/kg seed in combination with NPK 15-15-15 0.5 to 1.0 t/ha. Independently, cabbage yield was significantly increased by the application of nutrifarm SD 6 g/kg seed, with the yield increment of 37.11% compared to control. However, the optimum dosage of nutrifarm SD was 6.2 g/kg seed when it was combined with NPK 15-15-15 dosage of 0.5 t/ha, and 6.5 g/kg seed when it was combined with NPK 15-15-15 1 t/ha. Application of NPK 15-15-15 perse from 0.5 to 1.0 t/ha did not significantly increase cabbage yield. Keywords: Brassica oleraceae, NPK 15-15-15; Seed fertilizer; Cabbage yield.


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