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Horticultural Research and Development as one of the following Center for Agricultural Research and Development Agency, has the task of preparing the formulation of policies and conducts research and development of horticulture. Horticultural Research and Development's vision is to become the leading R & D institutions in Southeast Asia in creating and developing science and technology-oriented horticultural needs of users, and Mission Center for Horticulture: (1) create, produce, and develop horticultural science and technology according to user needs, (3) develop a national network of cooperation and international partnership toward independence memalalui Horticultural Research and Development, and (4) develop the capacity and publicity as well as excellent service Horticultural Research and Development.
Horticultural Research and Development Center has a collection that is:
  1. Journal of Horticulture (published 1 year 4 no)
  2. Horticulture Science and Technology (published 1 year 1 no)
  3. Horticulture catalog (published 1 year 1 no)
  4. Horticultural varieties Booklet
  5. Horticultural varieties Leaflet
  6. Cultivation of varieties Horticulture
  7. Report
  8. And other
You can simply come to our office at: Jl. Ragunan Raya 29A Pasar Minggu - South Jakarta 12540, or visit our Digital Library at: [digilib online]

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